Welcome to my world of cooking! I am a life long cook, but am new to the world of blogging. One of my dreams is to write a cook book, so I thought starting by own blog detailing my various food endeavors would be a fabulous jumping off point. I hope you all enjoy this journey together with me. Thank you for your support!


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Irene Bahrami said:

    your mom told me to take a look as a wanna be cheif i love it.
    good luck i think you should start your book asap your gonna be a big hit.
    irene bahrami your croceting friend at the jcc.

  2. Shoshana R schtamf said:

    your food looks really good man looks so easy. nice for Purim or shabbos. love some your reciepts I hope there all easy. I realy like the cabbage salad. anyways have a gn

  3. Love your chicken recipes, BLOSSUMBLEU

  4. please answer on the hearts of palm dip did you try making it parve and how was it would you recommend parve sour cream or cream cheese

    • I didn’t specifically make that dip parve,but I made an artichoke dip parve and I used parve toffuti sour cream. It was delicious! I recommend making this one parve.

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