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Costumes? Check! Shalach Manos? Check! After baking, packing, and wrapping, my Shalach Manos are finally done! My family went with a simple coffee/tea/breakfast theme ( in addition to our Mickey Mouse hamentashen!) We LOVE coffee and cookies, muffins, biscuits and other chocolate goodies, frankly who doesn’t? For a few friends with babies the same age as my son, I wanted to add something cute to the Shalach Manos that was kid friendly. So instead of a basket….I used a book as the base, placed all the treats on top and wrapped like all the rest! This technique is a fun way to include the kids in the Shalach Manos without giving unhealthy candy or sweets.

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Good Shabbos & have a freilechin Purim! Love to all my readers!