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Do you ever wish your camera had a Shabbos mode? I do! So often when I am cooking on Fridays do I sit back and look at my food thinking, ” you are going to SHINE tomorrow and no one will ever know!”. Shabbos cholent is the perfect example of an amazing dish that you will NEVER be able to capture its essence on camera. This past erev Shabbos I decided to take a picture of my cholent, although still raw and no where close to it’s Shabbos day perfection, just so that I could give everyone an idea of how I make it and whats inside.

After years of tweaks and let downs, I have discovered what I believe is the perfect combination of ingredients to create a delicious cholent. One of my Shabbos guests        (thanks Adam) told me to post my recipe..and who doesn’t love a compliment, especially if it’s towards something you are so passionate about!? Here are my tips:

I do not use beans. I find that beans change the flavor that I am aiming for, take up a TON of room in the crock pot, and take a very long time to cook. I use an entire bag of barley instead.

I used to be a big fan of BBQ sauce in my cholent…no more! I used two small cans of tomato sauce, or 2 cups if you are using jarred sauce.

I do not add any soup mix. I know many people think that it adds an onion-y flavor but I feel that it makes the cholent too salty. I do add onion powder ( which is the white flaky stuff you see sprinkled on top).

Kishak, kishka, kishka! I add 1 entire kishka log to the top of my cholent. In my opinion this can make or break your cholent. Kishka adds texture, flavor, and a very warm heimish feeling to your cholent, and you can’t go wrong.

Follow my steps to your perfect cholent:

1. Spray your crock pot with olive oil spray or pam

2. Pour in 1 bag of barley

3. Cut 2 medium potatoes into cubes and put over the barley

4. Lay your flanken bones over the potatoes. ( I prefer bones to mostly meat flanken. I find they add more flavor and are about half the price if not less)

5. Dice 1 white onion and sprinkle over your bones

6. Pour in 2 cans of tomato sauce, or 2 cups of jarred tomato sauce

7. Sprinkle 1 heaping tbs of brown packed sugar over your sauce

8. Sprinkle about 1 tbs each of parsley and garlic powder

9. Break your kishka log into 3 pieces and place on top.

10. Fill your crock pot with water so that your bones are submerged half way.

11. Add 1 big shake of onion powder a top your kishka and put on the lid!

I have my cholent cooking on a high setting from about 10:00am on Friday until right before Shabbos. Then i turn it to LOW, and it continues to cook on low until lunch time on Saturday.

I think I have mentioned the love I have for my crock pot before. I really recommend it to anyone who makes cholent, or crock pot dinners. It has 3 settings, and 3 crock pot sizes. Small, medium or large. The brand I love is Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 slow cooker. It is fabulous!

Please let me know if you try this cholent recipe, I am dying to know if it works for you. Enjoy!

*Add a dash of salt if you think it needs.