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I finally made cake pops! These were the cutest treats I have ever served for dessert. And how cute is the display? I was thinking about making rock candy for my Mishloach Manos this year, and I watched a tutorial where the lady set them in a strainer and I thought, CAKE POPS! These pops look like a lot more work then they were, and they were so tasty and fun to eat that by then end of Shabbos there was only one left out of the whole batch. You can have a blast with these pops, the toppings are ENDLESS. I decided to go with a mostly Winter theme because..it is Winter after all, and I am so in love with snow.

You will need:

1 prepared Duncan Hines vanilla or chocolate cake. ( NOT brownie mix)

3 tbs vanilla or cream cheese frosting ( I used pareve Duncan Hines cream cheese frosting)

2 packages of candy melts

toppings – coconut shavings, sprinkles, crushed candy bars

1 package of cake pop sticks

After your cake has completely cooled, crumble it with your hands until it resembles crumbs like you would find a top a coffee cake.

 Fold in your frosting until you can easily form a ball with the crumb mixture. I used an ice cream scoop so that my cake balls would all be roughly the same size, and scooped out balls and molded them with my fingers.

Next you will want to dip the tip of your stick into a little frosting before you stick it in the cake ball, the frosting acting like glue.

Freeze your cake pops for at least 1 hour, then comes the fun part!

Melt 1 package at a time of candy melts in a double boiler. I filled a small pan with water and placed my candy melts into a melt proof bowl which i placed in my pan ( acting as a double boiler). The tricky thing about candy melts is that they work perfectly..for about 6 minutes, then start to firm up and become unusable so work FAST.

Dip your cake pop into the melted chocolate then dip into your favorite topping, and place in your strainer to set! Have your toppings ready and waiting because again, this needs to be a pretty fast procedure!

Enjoy this simple and yummy recipe, and if you send me pictures of YOUR cake pops, I’ll post them on the blog!

Shavua Tov!