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Last nights dinner was a really interesting and SAUCY chicken. On various food blogs, I see people asking for saucy chicken recipes on a bone; this is a good one folks! I like to mix it up sometimes so that my time spent in the kitchen, and our palates don’t get bored. Last night I decided that I needed a break from my crock pot and my oven, so I put my 2 qt. saucepan to some good use.

First I browned some onions in 1 tbs of olive oil and a big shake of garlic powder.


Next I poured in an entire can of Hunt’s tomatoes and diced sweet onion. I have mentioned this ingredient sent from the heavens before, and I will again! ( It is the secret ingredient in my Faux meat lovers lasagna).

After I saute the onions some more with the tomatoes, I place my chicken thighs upside down in the sauce pan and cover with saucy mixture.


I covered my sauce pan and left it to cook on medium heat for 65 minutes, chicken UPSIDE DOWN! I find that the chicken cooks all the way through, much quicker this way. Next I turned my chicken over, and cooked for another 25 minutes, covered, and voila, saucy heaven!