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I can’t get enough of my crock pot. I am so happy that so many of you enjoyed the last crock pot recipe, and i wanted to post another! This one is pretty similar, and definitely delicious. I made this crock pot dinner with the usual chicken thighs, rice, dill etc, but this time i added canned potatoes! I have never purchased them before, i usually peel and chop my own, but i saw them on sale and this recipe just popped into my brain. I never realized how soft and juicy these potatoes were! I love walking down the canned vegetable aisle in my grocery store and seeing whats on sale. When i see corn for .99 cents a can, i stock up! I use beans in a lot of different delicious salads, and i like stocking up on those as well. Now i am adding canned potatoes to that list! This easy to make dinner was so fabulous that i may make it for Shabbos this week and see what my company thinks. I’ll keep you posted!

You will need:

2-4 chicken thighs

1 cup white rice

2 stalks chopped celerey

1 can whole potatoes

1 tbs turmeric

1 handful of fresh or dried dill

1 tsp black pepper

2 tbs BBQ sauce

1 tsp onion powder

First i sprayed my crock pot bowl with Pam, then poured in my cup of UNCOOKED rice. Next placed my chicken thighs, then dumped in the entire can of potatoes. Then i added the celery, turmeric, and onion powder,and dill and drizzled the BBQ sauce over the chicken. The trick to leaving it on for so many hours is to fill the pot with water so that half of your chicken is submerged. I let it cook on high for 6 1/2 hours, then turned it to low for about 30 minutes. DELICIOUS!