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I love having a big, healthy dinner after a good work out. Last night, I took Pilates, worked my TUSH off, and came home and made a rockin’ dinner. Have you ever heard of Perch? Fish was on sale at Aron’s Kissena Farms last week, and i thought i had bought more Tilapia, but it was Perch! I love a challenge! I did a quick Google search on the best ways to prepare Perch, and every single recipe called for frying it in oil. After Pilates, are they nuts? I decided to bake it, and I made up a yummy but simple recipe, and it turned out fantastic. I roasted some asparagus on the side, and served it with a spicy Butternut Squash Soup. I am definitely going to save that soup recipe for the Fall, it was perfect for Autumn.

You will need:

4 or more pieces of Perch

1 cup Mexican flavored bread crumbs

1 tbs dried parsley

1 tsp garlic powder

1 dash salt, pepper

1 egg for dipping

1 capful lemon juice

I preheated my oven to 350, then sprayed my aluminum pan. I dipped each piece of fish into the egg and coated it well, then pressed it into my crumb mixture on both sides and placed them into the pan. Before i put the fish in the oven, i drizzled a little lemon juice on top. I baked it for 48 minutes. ( I know 48 minutes seems like a very random amount of time, but it turned out great!). My 8 month old had a whole piece ( minus the breading) and wanted more. I am a big believer in feeding him what my husband and I eat for dinner as well so he is a part of the meal as well. They both loved this! Paring it with asparagus and soup made it the perfect meal for a cold night.