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BRRRRR! Nemo is coming!!! This is going to be my last post before Shabbos, and then I am off to brave the roads and travel to my in-laws. Lets hope the roads stay safe until everyone is where they need to be for shabbos! I made these treats, which I like to call brownie clouds, because just looking at them makes me feel warm. If only i wasn’t out of instant hot cocoa.

I really hate waste, and when someone takes 3 bites out of a cupcake, or just eats the frosting and then leaves it on the table, it really irks me! I decided to make bite size brownie clouds, thus eliminating waste but still making a sweet treat for my hosts.

You will need:

1 box of brownie mix ( i took the easy road)

24 mini cupcake paper cups

1 cup of any pareve white colored frosting ( i chose vanilla)

1 cup of mini marshmallows

1 tbs rainbow sprinkles

optional- colorful straws

I made my mix, poured it into the mini cups and baked. Simple or what?

When they cooled, I filled a zip lock bag with frosting, and piped away.

I am officially on STRIKE when it comes to actual piping bags. I have purchased 2 over the past month, and i want to drive over both with my car tires! They are a pain to clean, and I end up wasting so much  frosting because it gets stuck to the side of the bag. NO more!

After i pipe my cloud, i sprinkle a few sprinkles on top, then place 3 or 4 mini marshmallows. If you want to be fancy ;)…cut a bendy straw so that it fits perfectly, and you will have  a mini hot cocoa ready to be gobbled down.

Everyone have a FANTASTIC, UPLIFTING, BEAUTIFUL Shabbos. Stay safe! Stay off the roads! Enjoy all the delicious food I know you all prepared for Shabbos! Until next time!Image