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Have you ever said something and had someone do a double take like ‘ HUH’? That happens to me EVERY TIME i rave about these meatballs. I have to give 100% of the credit to my wonderful mother, Joanie, who taught me EVERYTHING i know about cooking ( and life), and who created this recipe long before she created me. The reason we call them ” sweaty meatballs” is twofold. #1 the most important ingredient is CUMIN. If you have ever cooked with cumin you will know that it has kind of a sweaty, gym sock-y smell. Reason #2- We use baking soda which causes the meatballs to ‘sweat’, and is also an indicator of whether they are done or not. 

We usually only make these FLIPPIN’ AWESOME meatballs on thanksgiving. We serve them with a bread bowl of either my homemade spinach dip, or my mother’s homemade chummus. Last night i was at my parents house and we were all so in the mood for them, so we decided to throw tradition to the wind and make them in January.

You will need:

( Preheat oven to 500)

2 pounds of ground beef ( last night we used 1 pound ground lamb and 1 pound ground beef)

1/2 cup bread crumbs

1/2 cup dried parsley

1/3 cup dehydrated onions ( or fresh)

2 tablespoons cumin

2 pinches baking soda

Mix dry ingredients then add to the ground beef. Mix well with hands. Add 1 tbs or LESS of water and mix well. Roll into small meatballs and bake for 10 minutes. They should look like they are sweating as i wrote above. The key to making them right is making them pretty small, not tiny, but small in order to cook them thoroughly.

Your kitchen MAY smell like feet after, but it is so worth it. Serve with a dollop of chummus and you are good to go! Last night we served them with chummus, tomato rice, and peas. Image

Here is a link to my delicious HOMEMADE creamy chummus